MVP Family

About Lisa

Lisa has been in the insurance industry for nearly 20 years.Through continuous hard work, study and persistence, she has achieved a leap from “0” to 100 million from a new insurance novice with no background and resources.

Market ability

With strong market ability and professional standards, Director Lisa has won the industry's highest honor for many years in a row, won numerous awards, and is now a lifetime member of the MDRT

MVP helmsman

In 2015, the MVP family was formally established. In just a few years, the MVP family has grown from 4 members to a top Hong Kong insurance team with more than 400 elites

Team management

Breaking the traditional model of insurance team and fundamentally solving industry management problems, Director Lisa insisted on managing the team with "entrepreneurial thinking" and created the MVP Family Infrastructure Association

MDRT Creator

Today, the MVP family has a complete and powerful infrastructure system, which provides a strong guarantee for talent cultivation, retention and replication success. Everybody MDRT is not just a slogan

      Inspired by Director Lisa’s cordial and sincere working style and the grand pattern of putting people first, the MVP family has also formed a good atmosphere of unity, friendship, and mutual help. It is precisely because of this that the MVP family has been able to rapidly rise in the fiercely competitive Hong Kong insurance industry and have repeatedly achieved great results and become the industry benchmark. Next, Director Lisa will continue to vigorously assist partners to start a business together and write a wonderful life together!

Director's Message

The insurance industry is a career that you can strive for for a lifetime but is accompanied by countless challenges. I am honored and grateful to be able to unite with such a group of like-minded partners. It is precisely because of the hard work and selfless dedication of the MVP family that the MVP family can achieve such proud results.

        In the future, I am full of confidence in the technological, systematic and branded MVP. We will continue to meet the challenges and strive for success! I also hope that every MVP can find space and display their ambitions in our industry-leading management system.

MVP, the cradle of dreams. Let us not be afraid of the road ahead, forge ahead!!


Before 2025, the number of MVP families can exceed 1,000 and train at least 10 directors.

Professional resume

Senior Regional Director

Founder of Hong Kong AIA MVP Family

RFP US registered financial planner

Life Member of MDRT LIFE MEMBER (won MDRT from 2004 to 2011, COT from 2012 to 2014, MDRT from 2015 to 2016, TOT in 2017, COT in 2018)

Member of the 28th-32nd Hong Kong AIA Summit, Member of the 17th-20th Dragon Club, and Member of the 16th-22th Dragon Club

Won the Hong Kong Life Insurance Managers Association Management Excellence Award I.M.A

Won the Best Leap Forward Award B.G.A by the Hong Kong Life Insurance Managers Association

Won the Hong Kong Life Insurance Managers Association Management Development Award F.L.A

Won the Quality Manager Award Q.M.A of the Hong Kong Life Insurance Practitioners Association

Won the Quality Leadership Award Q.L.A of the Hong Kong Life Insurance Practitioners Association

Won the International Life Insurance Marketing Research Association LIMRA International Quality Award I.Q.A

Won the 2011-2018 Million Business Elite of Hong Kong AIA

Won the 2017-2019 Super Million Round Table by Hong Kong AIA

Won the PAL of the Excellent Business Unit Supervisor of Hong Kong AIA 2013-2016

Won the PAL Diamond Level of 2017-2019 Excellent Business Unit Supervisor of Hong Kong AIA

Won the 5th in 2012, 2nd in 2013 and 1st in 2014 by the Hong Kong AIA Most Outstanding Senior Manager Award

Won the first place in the 2015 Hong Kong AIA Super Outstanding Regional Awards, the third place in 2016, and the third place in 2017

Won the eighth place in 2015, the sixth place in 2016, the fifth place in 2017, the sixth place in 2018, and the seventh place in 2019 for the most outstanding regional director of Hong Kong AIA

Won the Hong Kong AIA Mega Million Round Table Region-4th place in 2016, 2nd place in 2017 and 2nd place in 2018 with the most top/super members