MVP Family

Capital Construction


Eight departments and secretarial team
Everyone MDRT! Enter the million annual salary!
Mechanism inspires people, culture shapes people, Feelings warm people, career unites people.
Knowing talents with insight, knowing the world! Lead carefully and grow your career! Go hand in hand for a win-win situation! Surpass yourself, a brilliant life!
Create a comprehensive knowledge empowerment platform for shared and mutual assistance, and form the core competitiveness of MVP, and strive to build MVP into the strongest team in Hong Kong insurance
Gather PA colleagues, grow and help each other, and make you and me successful
Be brave to be a pioneer of benevolence! Love yourself, love your family, love society
On the big platform of Hong Kong AIA, we put the professionalism, diligence and thoughtfulness of our MVP people Show it to everyone and create a customized personal IP for the excellent sales of each MVP family
Provide industry-leading I.T. support and technical guarantee to realize the comprehensive Internet transformation of the MVP family
Work punctually, responsibly, and finish the day;


Every year’s infrastructure meeting is an exciting event, we plan and look forward to the journey of MVP in the new year together